In the underdeveloped parts of the world, C (name concealed to protect identity) comes from a middle class family. C started watching MTV and Hollywood movies early on in life and was determined to visit America. She dreams of finding an American cowboy and living a life defined by large houses, open spaces and having excess. She started following the modern guide to US immigration by marriage.

She started online, using various American websites to showcase her availability and aspirations. However, seeing that only perverted old men are contacting her online, she decided to use F-1 student visa to enter into America. She looked for metropolitan cities with English language schools. She began applying to these schools and was accepted at one of them in New York, which sent her an I-20 in the mail. This is crucial to the F-1 visa application because she needs the I-20 to appear at the nearest US Consulate to get an F-1 visa approved. She carefully studied the main points on applying for nonimmigrant visas and was successful and received the F-1 visa stamp in her passport.

Upon arrival, she maintained F-1 visa status by attending school full time, but also following the guide on finding green card marriages. At one of her school organized social event, she met someone from the same country as her, but grew up in America. With some of the similar cultural background as well as having the acceptance of the American culture, they were able to synchronize and bond. They immediately realize they are each other’s soul mates and started planning a life together. They knew that C’s purpose of the trip has been fulfilled and that she wanted to immigrate to the US to live with her new found partner. Her partner had the big house, open spaces and excessive personal belongs that she only saw and heard about in movies. She knew then she needed to apply for adjustment of status and used the guide on how to immigrate by marriage for a green card.

C followed the steps carefully and was successful in her application. She received a 2 year conditional green card provided that her marriage is stable and will be applying for a removal of the conditional terms after 2 years to receive a full green card valid for 10 years. She will likely apply for US citizenship after 5 years because this is where she knew she belonged. America offers her the freedom and opportunities that her old country simply could not offer her, because of the thousand years old cultures that has set the ways and minds of the people. C knew she belonged in a progressive modern society that allows equal rights for men and women and have laws against discrimination. She also enjoys the prosperity that her and her husband can achieve on their own without help because America is a self-made society that encourages people to seek out their own destinies, like how C found her dream in USA.

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